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About EasyWear Adaptive Clothing Inc.TM

Adaptive & Disability Clothing Retailer

Adaptable Clothing For Seniors | Adaptive Wear For Seniors | Clothing For Disabled Seniors

Meet The Team

Adaptive Clothing Mississauga

Denise R. Tremblay Retire B.Éd, M.Éd

Denise Tremblay is the owner of EasyWear Adaptive ClothingTM Boutique on Franklin Boulevard. "The EasyWear Adaptive ClothingTM mission is: to give individuals with reduced mobility a way to feel good about themselves, and to show their true image," explains Denise. "I believe our EasyWear Adaptive clothingTM line helps our customers take that small step toward regaining their motivation and pride."

Who We Are

EasyWear Adaptive ClothingTM is an Independent Retailer who markets fashionable adaptive and disability clothing for individuals with reduced mobility or in rehabilitation.

Most pieces are created,  with a unique flexible style, with two panels for full back coverage and closure snaps located on the shoulders for ease. This system has been carefully designed to simplify dressing for individuals of all ages experiencing reduced mobility as a result of arthritis, paralysis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and other short or long term rehabilitation or disabilities. Our adaptive/disability clothing also allows for effortless assistive dressing for caregivers and medical personnel. 

Our adaptive/disability clothing collection for men & women has been created with input from our customers, medical staff, and caregivers. We are grateful for this feedback, as it allows us to create garments that accurately address our customers’ needs and preserve the dignity and respect of those who benefit most from this style of clothing.

We are dedicated to our clientele and our greatest satisfaction is to see a smile on the face of someone regaining their sense of autonomy by wearing easy, slip-on clothing, or from a caregiver or medical staff appreciative of the simplistic design. 

Each piece has been manufactured with only the highest quality fabrics, making them easy to wash and resistant to the typical effects of washing and drying machines.

We look forward to serving you and your loved ones.

The EasyWear Team.

Our Values

Passion, Team Spirit, Respect, and Integrity. 

These values define our purpose; they inform the decisions we make and influence the positive relationships we foster between our employees, customers, and business partners. 

Passion - Our employees are committed to constantly improving themselves and surpassing customer expectations.
Team Spirit - The mutual support, communication, and promotion of collective success that our company cultivates. We are a team!
Respect - A profound respect for the audience we serve, evident in both the attention to detail placed in our designs as well as in our interactions with customers.
Integrity - Maintaining honest relationships with our customers, living up to their expectations and our commitments.

We take pride in our employees’ embodiment of these values, as well as their enthusiasm for their job and dedication to our company, customers, and their meaningful work.

These four values are the foundation of our company and are at the heart of what we do. They make our company unique and will continue to guide us moving forward.


We have moved to a new location at Dundas & Franklin, please call for the exact address when booking your appointment.

Contact: (888) 908-7177