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Top Six Things To Look For When Choosing An Adaptive Clothing Retailer

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For most of us, getting dressed is a basic task that we perform every day without any struggle. However, this task poses some difficulty for people with physical difficulties, the elderly, and the infirm. Adaptive clothing is designed to combat these problems by replacing buttons and zippers with velcro or magnet closures. Most adaptive garments follow an easy, slip-on, or rear closure design to make dressing easier for not only the wearer but also the care provider. It gives the wearer a sense of comfort and promotes self-esteem. 

Although many brands and shops offer basic disability clothing, it’s best to enlist the services of an exclusive adaptive clothing retailer. A disability clothing retailer offers a diverse range of specialized clothing that is modified to enable easier dressing for people with different disabilities. Many retailers keep garments and other accessories in varied sizes and styles, making it easier to choose according to the patient’s needs and wants. 

With so many shops, boutiques, and online sites offering disability clothing, it can be daunting to pick a retail store and be assured of receiving superior quality products. To help narrow down your options and make the right choice, here’s a list of the top six things to look for when choosing an adaptive clothing retailer.    

1. Knowledge about adaptive clothing
Before purchasing garments for those with special needs, ensure that the retailer has knowledge about disability needs and understands the essential features of disability clothing. A retailer that knows the technicalities of adaptive clothing will be able to recommend products that suit your needs. 

2. Tailoring aspects of disability clothing
Adaptive clothing is tailored differently for every disability. People who are unable to bend or rotate muscles or joints need open back clothing, which allows the clothing to be put on frontwards. Those with arthritis or other disabilities that result in loss of motor skills find it challenging to use clothes with zippers and buttons. That’s why velcro and magnets closures are used. Ensure that the retailer you want to buy clothing from is experienced with these tailoring aspects and includes them in the making of apparel. 

3. Appropriate use for reduced mobility
Limited or reduced mobility requires special apparel that is easy to wear and does not hinder movement. Easy access snaps, stretchy fabric, and convenient design to accommodate healthcare and mobility aids are used to make clothing friendlier for those with mobility impairment. Before buying adaptive garments for someone with neuromuscular or orthopedic problems, check whether the clothes are apt to keep them cozy.   

4. Empathy for caregivers
Adaptive clothes ease the job of a caregiver by making the process of dressing less time-consuming and less painful. Rear open clothing is easy to put on, as there’s not much need to roll or lift the patient. This saves time and reduces the struggles of the health care provider and the patient. An empathetic retailer will keep in mind the difficulties you face. They will suggest the most suitable, efficient garments and explain to you all the features and details of the clothing they offer.

5. Understanding your time limit
The retailer you buy or order adaptive garments from should value and respect your time. Their response time should be short, and they should be reliable. You want the clothes to be delivered promptly and efficiently. Delayed delivery can cause problems for the patient as well as the healthcare provider.  

6. Putting a smile on the client’s face
You want a retailer who is committed to providing exemplary services and making their clients happy. Clients’ needs and comfort should be an adaptive clothing retailer’s top priority. They should also try to incorporate the latest fashion styles in their apparel to keep the clothing as trendy as possible.   

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